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If you're worried about your privacy or your data's integrity and want to avoid being hacked, whatever it takes, Qubes OS is the operating system you need

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In a world in which computer security is increasingly important, there are more and more distributions or operating systems focused on the user's privacy, such as Tails or Kali Linux.

Within this panorama, an operating system based on the Xen virtualization software has appeared, allowing you to protect your computer to the max, preventing you from being hacked by any attacker.

The safest operating system in the world.

Why is Qubes OS so secure?

This super secure operating system's functioning is based on the concept of Security by Isolation, in which each environment is isolated in independent virtual machines so that, if an intruder were to get into the system, he'd only be able to access the files of that particular environment.

Therefore, it isn't only appropriate for paranoid users, but also for those that work in very delicate fields in which the integrity and protection of confidential data is a must.

Now you know, if you can't afford being hacked under any circumstances, don't hesitate to try out this operating system. But we do have to admit that it isn't recommendable for all kinds of users.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a 64-bit system.
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