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Win-Spy Software will look after your computer when you aren't there. Download Win-Spy Software and keep track of everything that is typed in on your PC

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Do you need to know if someone has used your computer in your absence? Do you want to know what your children do when they use the computer? There are several reasons for which monitoring your system could be interesting, and thus knowing what is going on when you aren't there. Therefore, we recommend that you always have Win-Spy Software at hand.

  Win-Spy Software is a complete monitoring application that provides all the data necessary so that you know how your PC is being used at any moment in time, whether it's a local machine or a PC connected remotely.

  Once installed, Win-Spy Software works in the background, capturing all the keystrokes. As a security measure, it prevents its uninstallation or disabling, unless a password defined by the user is input.

  So all in all, this application offers you the possibility to control chat rooms and emails, remember passwords, control downloads and uploads using FTP, etc. Furthermore, it allows us to monitor via webcam, both viewing and recording.

  If you still have doubts about how your PC is being used, try out Win-Spy Software.
Requirements and additional information:
This program is for commercial purposes and it must be bought on the developer's website.
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