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Download Wrong for Mac and avoid all sorts of distractions when writing texts. You can customize Wrong for greater concentration when it comes to writing

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Concentration when it comes to writing a text on the computer can be affected negatively by different elements. Icons, sounds, overloaded interfaces... To avoid having our productivity hindered we can turn to a text editor like Wrong.

A solution to our increasingly difficult concentration

Wrong's interface is totally blank and clean. This means that we're not going to find elements to interact with that are going to distract us from our task. Nevertheless, by combining the Command and Comma keys, we can go to the full-screen menu from where we can modify different options:

  • Choose themes.
  • Choose the background image.
  • Font color.
  • Font type.
  • Font size.
  • Italics.
  • Color of the selection tool.
  • Color of the scroll bar.
  • Selection or cancellation of the background music.
  • Possibility to cancel sounds as you write.

A text editor that really helps us to write.

All in all, downloading Wrong for Mac will surely make us more productive and efficient when it comes to writing any sort of text.

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6 months ago
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