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xPad is a simple note editor that will make the task of taking notes and having them in order. Download xPad free and write down everything in this notepad

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We all use some kind of pad or pocket diary to write down day to day notes, but we always tend to do it in a complex text editor when we use our computer. xPad is a simple and light text editor that will allows us to drag or paste practically any other kind of file to create new documents.

  After that, thanks to a series of categories distinguished by their color codes, we will be able to order all the documents that we have created, making it a lot easier to access each file of each different category, being of great use if we use the computer in class or for work (assigning a different color to each subject or task).

  xPad also offers options to export the documents created as rich text, making it very easy to make your notes clearer.

  Give some order to all the notes that you take during a day thanks to this simple tool, that will probably get us out of more than one tight spot.
Garrett Murray
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
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