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Zorin OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu developed for users without any experience in Linux. Zorin OS allows to simulate the aspect of Windows 7

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Zorin OS is a distribution based on Ubuntu, developed to be used by users that have no experience in Linux and that are accustomed to Windows. Zorin OS has various configuration options, in which you can simulate the aspect of Windows XP or Windows 7. It can also be configured as a classic GNOME desktop.

  This operating system is as easy to use for Windows users as for Ubuntu users. What's more, Zorin OS includes Wine, that allows you to launch many Windows programs on Linux.

  If you're thinking about changing your operating system, maybe these features will persuade you to try out Zorin OS:
- It's secure, with hardly any risk of virus infection.
- Very stable and sturdy operating system.
- Completely configurable to your own liking.
- Quicker than other operating systems.

  Zorin OS includes some useful applications on its installation, like the OpenOffice text processor, the Firefox web browser, and the GIMP image editor.

  Many reasons to try out this free easy-to-use operating system. Try out Zorin OS.
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