Surveillance Software for Windows

Record everything that happens on your computer in your absence, registering key strokes or setting up a security camera with this surveillance software

Perfect Keylogger 1.97 English

One of the best keyloggers available

Family Keylogger 5.98 English

A program to register everything that's typed into your PC

Ardamax Keylogger 5.0.19 English

Spy your computer when you're not in front of it

Revealer Keylogger 2.29 English

Record your keyboard's strokes

Keylogger Gratis 3.6 English

Free keylogger to record keystrokes

Elite Keylogger 6.2.113 English

Find out everything that happens on your computer

Sentry Vision Security 3.1 English

Keep an eye on any place you want with your PC and a webcam

SecurityCam English

Keep track of what happens in your office with your webcam

Real Spy Monitor 2.94 English

Track and spy on everything that happens on your computer

Power Spy 12.87.4 English
Power Spy 12.87.4

What happens you're not the person using your PC?

Keylogger Douglas 2.0 English

Keep an eye on what happens on your computer

WinSession Logger 5.7.3 English
WinSession Logger 5.7.3

Discover everything that happens on your computer

KidLogger 8.1 English

Control what your children do on the computer

Magic Video Surveillance English

A security system on your PC

iSpy English

Turn your computer into a security system

Kahlown 5.6 English
Kahlown 5.6

Capture your PC activity on video secretly

1AVMonitor English

Guard any area via webcam

Quick Keylogger 6.0 English

Keep a log of everything that is written on your computer

Free Key Logger 2.0 English

Capture all the keystrokes of your computer's keyboard

Norton Safety Minder English

Supervise how your children use the Internet

CyberSpy 2.1 English

Keep track of what happens on your computer

Social Monitor 1.0 English

Check how your children use Facebook

Snuko English

Always know where your computer is, even if it is stolen

MSN Chat Sniffer Monitor 3.9.1 English

Observe and capture Messenger conversations

MSN Spy Monitor 12.87.3 English

Monitor all the conversation that you maintain over MSN

Laptop Alarm 1.2.1 English

Protect your computer against theft

Prey 1.8.2 English
Prey 1.8.2

A program to track stolen computers

LocatePC 1.5.0 English
LocatePC 1.5.0

Find out where your stolen or lost computer is

Spia Home English
Spia Home

Control everything that happens on your keyboard

Cerberus 4.0 English

Create a video surveillance system with up to 10 webcams

Sys_Keylog Advanced English

Find out what happens on your PC even when you aren't in front of it