Online Security

Protect your computer and all its files and documents against any kind of danger or threat thanks to this compilation of online security software

mSpy English


Advanced monitoring system for PCs and mobiles

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Passcreator 0.4 Beta English

Passcreator 0.4 Beta

Passwords in a single click

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Jotti English


Online antivirus scanner

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VirusTotal Uploader 2.2 Beta English


Online file scanner to detect malware

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Google Takeout English

Google Takeout

Create backups of your data on Google's services

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Mouselock English


Find out if anyone spies your PC

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Virus Chief English

Virus Chief

Efficient online antivirus with multiple engines

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Metascan English


Online file scanner

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VirSCAN English


Online multi-engine antivirus scanner

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Android Device Manager English

Android Device Manager

Locate your device with the tool by Google

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Cyberthreat Real-time Map English

Cyberthreat Real-time Map

Map that shows cyberattacks in real time

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Decryptolocker English

Decrypt Cryptolocker

The master key to decrypt Cryptolocker

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IPViking Live English

IPViking Live

Live X-ray of DDoS attacks around the world

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