It is possible to know at what time they have read a WhatsApp message or at what time they have listened to an audio. This information, the time of delivery or reading of a message, is associated with the message and can be easily displayed with a simple trick. This is information that can be relevant in many situations.

How to know at what time a WhatsApp message has been viewed or listened to

Visualizing this information is simple. All you need to do is go to the conversation you sent the message in.

Open a conversation to check the messageOpen a conversation to check the message

Then, find the content in the conversation and do a long tap on it. As a result of this action, the message will be selected and some additional options will be displayed in the top bar.

Press on a message to view more optionsPress on a message to view more options

With the message selected, open the three dots menu and tap on Info to see more information about sending and reading.

Message infoMessage info

The screen will display the time when the user reads the message. It also indicates to the user when the content was delivered. If you have just sent the message, the phrase Just now will appear.

Delivery and read infoDelivery and read info

WhatsApp will count the minutes that have elapsed since the message was read. After certain minutes, the application simply displays the time.

Details about the message being readDetails about the message being read

Although we have talked throughout the guide about text messages, this tip is also valid with videos, photos, and other content that can be sent by WhatsApp.

Why cannot I see the reading time of a message?

Why sometimes the time when the message was read does not show up? If you are unable to see the exact moment when your contact read the message, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • The contact has blocked you.
  • You or the other user have disabled read confirmations, one of the ways there is to read and reply to WhatsApp messages offline.
  • The message has not yet been read for various reasons, such as no connection or the smartphone being turned off.

You should also take into account that it could be configured to hide the last connection time, a setting with which you will not be able to see what time they were last connected, although the contact, in that case, will not see yours either.