The flash call method is a procedure to activate WhatsApp without a verification code that joins the two previously existing numbers based on the code received by SMS or voice call. It is so named because WhatsApp calls the number of the user and automatically ends the call, checking if it has been recorded in the last place in the call log: if it matches the number to call to give the 6-digit code, the account is automatically logged in. In other words, it is not even necessary to answer the call. Therefore, to use this method, WhatsApp asks for permission that gives it access to the above-mentioned registry.

How to activate a WhatsApp account with a flash call

When trying to log in to WhatsApp and for whatever reason, the 6-number code has not been received by SMS, you can choose to receive a call and also flash calls. In the latter case, permissions must be enabled so that the app can read the call log. This can be done in two ways: by accepting them when opening the app or by going to the settings and looking for these permissions manually.

Permission for WhatsApp to access call logsPermission for WhatsApp to access call logs

To verify a phone number by flash call, follow these steps:

  1. Grant access permissions to the call log.
  2. Wait for the call to be made and for WhatsApp to verify that the incoming call is from the number that should make the call.

As for privacy, an aspect that concerns not a few users, WhatsApp guarantees that this function is used only and exclusively in this situation, so in principle, there would be no need to fear that it would review the calls that have been received or made.