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AutoDraw is an online predictive drawing tool capable of finding out what we're trying to draw to offer us suggestions that can improve our sketches

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Google has been experimenting for quite some time in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence. Some of their advances have been shared with their users, such as this AutoDraw for instance. It's a web tool accessible from your desktop by means of a browser, although totally adapted to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, whether iOS or Android.

What is AutoDraw?

It's a very simple drawing tool similar to Paint that, regardless of how clumsy we are drawing, is capable of determining what it is and offering us suggestions to improve it. For instance, if we draw a house, on the upper bar we'll be offered a few suggestions (the closest ones will be marked with a star) that intend to approach what we were really trying to draw.

An app that tries to guess what each user wants to draw to help him/her get it right.

This webapp offers us the following features:

  • Side toolbar with the possibility to choose between a simple drawing or a predictive drawing.
  • Function to input text.
  • Fill in with color.
  • Geometric shapes to be added to the drawings.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Undo function.
  • Upper bar with the different suggestion under the name of Do you mean.
  • Possibility to download and share our creations.

The test bench for A.I. Experiments

This application is framed within Google's Artificial Intelligence Experiments. The latter include different apps available to the public that show us the advances made by the company in this field. This application is slightly related to Quick Draw, another tool that shares the same technology in which a user draws and the program guesses what it is.

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