Browser Pong Online

Thanks to Browser Pong your browser will literally become a space to play Pong. Turn windows into rackets and a ball to play this great classic title

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Pong was the first video game that became a mass phenomenon and ever since it was first commercialized in 1972, all sorts of versions have appeared. One of the most peculiar ones is Browser Pong, that allows us to play from our browser.

Game on with your browser's windows

In this version, the rackets and ball will be the browser's windows, that will open when the game starts. The game allows you to play against the browser or another human opponent, but if you just want to enjoy this exciting title, let the game evolve on its own.

A classic that doesn't want to grow old... and manages to stay young.

With this version, browser games acquire a new meaning as, in this case, the browser becomes the support necessary to be able to play.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You have to enable popups to be able to play.
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