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Design customised colour palettes, access Colourcode right now free of charge and make the most of an online design tool to create colour combinations

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Colourcode is an online design tool that allows you to find customised colour palettes and combinations. Its use is very intuitive, you only have to move the mouse around the screen until you find the shade you are looking for. A simple click will allow you to choose the following colour of your palette.

A multicolour world

As you can see, all the colours chosen up to that moment remain static, therefore, it is very comfortable to find colours that combine very well.

Play around with the different colour ranges (monochromatic, analogous colours, complementary colours...) and obtain HEX, RGB and HSL codes to be able to use your combination in graphic design or illustration programs. You can download the combinations as LESS stylesheets or as PNG files.

Access Colourcode for free and develop customised colour palettes in a very intuitive manner.

Tamino Martinius
Over a year ago
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