Cyberthreat Real-time Map Online

Cyberthreat Real-time Map shows in real time the cyberattacks on the Internet worldwide. Discover what dangers are lurking with Cyberthreat Real-time Map

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You can find out in real time how different threats and cyberattacks spread around the planet. With Kaspersky's interactive tool called Cyberthreat Real-time Map we'll find out how the different sorts of malware attacks spread around the world.

What measures should be taken?

With Cyberthreat Real-time Map we'll have plenty of information about the activity of the different dangers that lurk on the Internet all over the world. Vulnerabilities, viruses, intrusions... the activity of all sorts of threats that can turn the Internet into an unsafe place, appears monitored on this tool. We'll be able to view a global map with the movement of the different attacks, accessing to data by countries and broken down according to their type. Thus, you'll know what kinds of measures should be improved depending on your place of residence.

Get to know the lurking dangers depending on where you live.


  • Map that shows in real time the cyberattacks registered all over the world.
  • Specific data for each country.
  • Ranking of the most infected countries.
  • Color code to identify each danger.
  • Information broken down by types of attacks.

Find out where the majority of cyberattacks take place around the world by means of the online tool called Cyberthreat Real-time Map and developed by Kaspersky.

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