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The use of lists is beyond any doubt. They help you decide when it comes to making decisions, to know the order in which you have to complete your tasks or that is it that you like most. And to accomplish this you can use, a web application focused toward the creation of social lists.

With Listly you will be able to create lists in which the rest of users will be able to vote in favor or against the elements that you hava added, comment about them or input new elements to take into account. How it works is very simple, because all that you will have to do is register in the service and start creating lists by simply adding elements. These can be ordered based on user votes, alphabetical order, preset or chronologically. As the author of a list, you will be able to include tags in such a way that it will be easier to find it using the web's search engine, deactivate commentaries and moderate the elements that are included in it. Of course, it will also be able to take part in the lists created by other users, commenting and adding new components.

Listly allows to share the contents by means of Twitter and Facebook, invite your friends to collaborate in it or to embed it on your website by means of a link. It is also possible to include links to each of the elements that integrate the list so that whoever accesses it can look at them in more detail.

Use, synchronize your lists and place your tastes in common.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To make use of this service it is essential to have a user account in Facebook or Twitter.
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