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Ovolab Geophoto is different cataloger, it organizes your photos depending on where they were taken. Download Ovolab Geophoto and see them marked on a map

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There are multiple ways to be able to organize the entire photo library that a user usually accumulates nowadays, because both mobile telephones and digital cameras are used to taking them, something that makes it very easy to build up a large amount of photographs due to the capacity that these devices usually have.

  One of the most innovating ways is Ovolab Geophoto, because it doesn't organize the photographs by date or name, it organizes them based on the geopositioning metadata that the majority of modern cameras add to the photographs, what's more, in the case of having photographs that don't include this data, it allows you to add it to them to make sure that they are well organized.

  All you will have to do is open a library with images, and Ovolab Geophoto will show you them on an Earth globe depending on the geopositioning metadata of each of them. If you don't have the data for a specific photograph, but you know where it was taken, all you have to do is type in the city or country and the search engine will quickly find and show it, moment at which you will be able to add the information to the photograph.

  To make the program even better, Ovolab Geophoto integrates perfectly with Flickr allowing you to share the photographs with the whole world on the Internet.

  The program's interface is very intuitive and blends in perfectly with the system, thus using the program isn't difficult at all. Therefore, if you want to try a different way of cataloging your photographs as well as adding the data of where they were taken, download and install Ovolab Geophoto.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has certain limitations, among which you will find that it doesn't allow you to save data nor does it allow libraries that have more than 50 images.
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