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PartyCloud is a web application to mix music. This online player for DJs offers 20 million songs extracted from SoundCloud. Download PartyCloud today

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If you like the world of DJing and music mixing you will really enjoy PartyCloud, a web application that works like a real DJ mixer. Create your own online mixes using the large music database included in PartyCloud!

Mix 20 million songs.


  • Online virtual mixer for DJs.
  • Based on the iWebDJPlayer technology.
  • Enjoy a large collection of songs extracted from SoundCloud.
  • Complete based DJ tasks: beat synchronization, modify the playback speed, create loops and apply effects, modify the sound equalization, etc.
  • Includes a browser and a song searcher.
  • Automix function.
  • Discover new songs and artists in the immense music collection.

Browser DJ

You will no longer have to carry around heavy hardware each time you are going to DJ. With PartyCloud you will only need a web browser with an Internet connection to have all the tools a DJ needs to be able to complete a session.

Enter PartyCloud, the first online player for DJs!

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