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Ringer.org is a web application to create mobile tones. Import your favorite songs, edit them and export your tones to your PC or mobile telephone

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Create your own tones for mobile telephones with Ringer.org, a web service which allows to import audio, edit it and later obtain your ringtone.


  • Create ringtones.
  • Compatible with the AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA formats.
  • Select audio extracts you are interested in using markers.
  • Includes three adjustment modes and configurations: easy, advanced and expert.
  • Normalize the audio, eliminate silences or apply effects: filters, chorus, echo, phaser, tremolo, etc.

How to use Ringer.org

Select the song that you want to convert into a tone and upload them by means of the Ringtone Maker manager, the other named received by this web service. When the process is completed you will see the files waveform. You will have access to a simple integrated player to listen to your work on the web and a couple of controls to redo or undo operations. Use the markers to define the beginning and the end of your ringtone.

What's more, at the bottom you will have addition options thanks to the three adjustment modes available: easy, advanced and expert. While in the first you will only be able to select the format, bitrate and destination of the file together with a couple of fading and normalization controls, the other modes will provide you with new possibilities: adjust the equalizer, effects... Each new section has its own adjustments.

Generate ringtones for your mobile with Ringer.org free.

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