WhatsApp has an export function that lets you send your conversations using external applications. Thanks to it, it is possible to share the content of a chat with other people via email. It is as simple as opening the conversation you want to send and tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner. Once the pop-up menu is displayed, select More.

Chat optionsChat options

By doing so, some additional options will appear. One of them is Export chat, this is the one you are interested in if you want to send the conversation by mail.

Export the chatExport the chat

All supported apps will appear in the Android sharing menu. Choose your favorite e-mail client. As you will see in the following image, we have used Gmail. However, this method is compatible with Spark, Outlook, and any other mail application.

Select an email appSelect an email app

Finally, enter the destination address and use the send button to share the chat.

Sent the conversation by emailSent the conversation by email

The document generated by WhatsApp when exporting a conversation has a TXT format. This type of file is highly compatible with all operating systems, so the receiver will not have to install any application to view it.

Sharing email chats from WhatsApp can be helpful in some cases. For example, if the contact you are having the conversation with has lost the history of the conversation, this is a good way to send them a copy. It can also be practical to save conversations and prevent loss of information in case you restore the phone.

When sending an exported chat, there are a few things to keep in mind. Do not forget that it is a file that can be easily manipulated and it could be forwarded one or several times. It is a good idea to email conversations only to people you trust. Also, TXT files do not include encryption. Therefore, the information will be accessible to anyone who receives the conversation.