Astronomy Applications for iPhone

Explore the sky and all the stars that appear above your head thanks to these astronomy apps. Turn your iPhone into a mobile star observatory

NASA App 3.21 English
NASA App 3.21

Find out everything you want about the latest space missions

SkyView Free - Explore the Universe 3.5.4 English

Explore the sky, the planets, and the stars from your iPhone

Satellite Safari 1.7.1 English

Know everything about the satellites that orbit the Earth

Redshift 2.0.1 English
Redshift 2.0.1

3D views of the Universe on your iPhone

Night Sky 6.2 English

Obtain superpowers to view the sky at night

Sky Guide 6.0.2 English
Sky Guide 6.0.2

A star map for iPhone

Lunar Phase 2.1.1 English

Get to know the lunar phase every day

Planets 3.2 English
Planets 3.2

A complete guide to the Solar System