BarTab is an add-on for Firefox that allows us to manage how tabs are used, in order to be able to optimize the performance and speed of our browser

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If you are used to browsing with Firefox opening many tabs, you're going to find this add-on very useful. BarTab manages how Firefox's tabs work. In other words, it allows you to decide whether you want all tabs to load, or only those of your choice, each time you launch the browser. Thus, less memory will be consumed, and Firefox will take less time to open.

Drink now, pay later and leave your tabs still to owe.

What options does BarTab offer?

When we install BarTab we have to access its options to configure the add-on according to our needs. Depending on how we are going to use Firefox's tabs, we can choose between these options:

  • Whether we want to load the tabs when we restore a session that we closed or not.
  • What we want to do when we don't access a tab for a certain amount of time: nothing, or load it after another tab of our choice.
  • When we switch to a tab that has already been downloaded we can choose to load it immediately or to be asked before loading it.

Furthermore, we can also establish a list of websites that will always be loaded under any circumstances.

With BarTab you will be able to improve Firefox's performance and not waste the browser's memory.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox 3.5 to 4.0b6.
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