How to know who has unfollowed you on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t incorporate a specific function to know who has unfollowed you, so we have to resort to two different methods to find out this information, one of which is much more sophisticated and recommendable than the other:

  • Using the Crowdfire app: it’s an application that shows us our followers, offering us different types of data. That includes those that we follow but don’t follow us and, especially, our recent unfollows. In other words, those people that have recently stopped following us. By taking a look at the activity report, we’ll easily be able to find this information.
  • Keeping the count of our followers: it’s a reasonable method but not at all recommendable. We could keep the count of all our followers manually but things could get quite complicated if we’re got more than a couple of dozen… We would have to build a database with all our followers and check manually who’s following us and who isn’t. Not at all recommendable.

Applications of the likes of Crowdfire have been designed to make up for the functions not covered by the official Instagram. And not because they’re not capable of doing so but because their developers have never been too interested in offering that information.

In this specific case, we have to point out that it’s an application aimed at those users that manage accounts with a huge audience, such as brand profiles. Thus, it allows us to schedule publications, sync them to the updates of our webpage, blog or online store… in other words, if you use this account for personal issues, its functions could be way too much for you.