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Access Lavabit, a free open source online email service, focused on protecting the privacy of the messages and guaranteeing the security of its users

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Lavabit is a secure and private online mail service compatible with the POP3 and IMAP protocols. It appeared in 2004 as Nerdshack, an alternative to the online email platforms that infringe the privacy of their users.

Created for people like you.

Asymmetric encryption

The tool uses an asymmetric encryption system that tries to guarantee the privacy of your emails. Asymmetric encryption consists in using two keys to protect your messages: a public key and a private key encrypted with 256-bit AES. Furthermore, a hash is applied by means of SHA and the user name is combined with a cryptographic salt.

  • No adverts.
  • Open source code for any interested party.
  • Protection against SPAM.
  • Integrated Clam Antivirus.

Edward Snowden's email.

Guarantee the complete privacy of your emails. Create your own online email account on Lavabit and communicate in a secure manner. But you have to know that Lavabit disables accounts that are inoperative for more than 120 days.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a free registry.
  • The service disables accounts that are inoperative for more than 120 days.
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