Although there are lots of users that use TikTok just as a fun content viewer, the main pillar of this social network is in the creation of content. This is why it offers a fully integrated camera. In this article, we show you not only how to record a video in TikTok, but all the features that will help you become a master of editing.

To start, tap the central button on the bottom menu.

Open TikTok’s cameraOpen TikTok’s camera

Now, you are in the application's video creation section. You can use the red circular button to start recording. You can record short clips that will be combined one after the other just by pressing and releasing the button.

TikTok’s camera shutterTikTok’s camera shutter

This is, in essence, the way to record a video in TikTok. However, to make the contents more eye-catching, the social network provides the user with a large number of editing options. You can see them on the right side of the screen.

Recording optionsRecording options

One of the most outstanding features is the ability to modify the recording speed. Use Speed to open the speed selector.

Change the recording speedChange the recording speed

The Filters and Enhance options apply filters to our recording. If you tap on the first one, you will access a collection of filters that modify brightness, contrast, and other parameters. In the case of the second one, it applies a beauty filter that automatically improves your appearance.

Beauty mode and filtersBeauty mode and filters

Timer lets you automate the start of a recording.

Timer functionTimer function

Both Flip and Flash are the most common settings. In the first case, we alternate between the front and rear camera of our device, and in the second case, we activate the flash. What else should you know about video recording in TikTok? For example, the timeline. This shows all the fragments that we have recorded.


The Sounds section is also important. From there, TikTok lets you add a song to your video and perform, for example, a choreography.

Song selectorSong selector

Lastly, Effects. This section provides us with a world of possibilities. Thanks to special effects, we can apply a background to our video or start some fun mini-games. So, it is worth spending some time on this section.

Apply effects to a videoApply effects to a video

Once you have finished recording the content, use the affirmative button on the lower right side to continue. If you want to remove a fragment, use the button next to it.

Other optionsOther options

What about post-production? Once the recording is complete, you still have lots of other options. On the side, you will see volume adjustments, adding voiceover, voice effects, video trimming, or more filters.

Postproduction effectsPostproduction effects

You can also add text, other effects, and even stickers with the four buttons at the bottom.

Add other elements to the videoAdd other elements to the video

After this review, it is clear that TikTok is one of the most comprehensive applications for recording video. Thanks to all these options, you will be able to express all your creativity and upload fresh and attractive content.