How to delete an account from Instagram

To be able to remove an account from Instagram, we must remember our username or the email address that we used to sign up. Otherwise, it will be impossible to delete our account. Once you know these details, you only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Step 1: go to the Instagram web (we can only delete an account through our web browser, not from the app), go to Enter and introduce your user data.
  2. Step 2: go to the Edit profile option and from there to Temporarily disable my account. We’re not talking about a permanent deletion, instead, the account remains there but hidden from everyone.
  3. Step 3: Instagram will want to know the reason why you’ve decided to disable your account and that’s why it will offer you several options to choose from to give your reasons. Just choose whichever one suits your situation the best, and that’s it, you’ve just disabled your account.

Although it hasn’t been deleted completely, you can really forget about it because nobody can see your photos and it’s really as if didn’t exist. Furthermore, you can recover it whenever you want if you regret having disabled it by introducing your user data once again. However, you can only recover your account one a week.

The only thing about this kind of deletion is that it can be a problem for the user’s privacy as everything we share is kept on the server’s social network. Nevertheless, this is something that we’ve already been warned about in the conditions of use, and we accept them we accept that we’re selling the control over our Instagram publications.