Mush Online


In Mush you have to gang up with your fellow crew members to find out who is the person infected. In Mush you will become the last hope for the human race

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The Internet has led to the boom of social games in which players have to work collaboratively to achieve an objective. You should take a look at Mush if you like this sort of games, because it also integrates typical elements of classic strategy and graphic adventure games.

Your mission is to save mankind

In Mush you will be on board a spacecraft called Daedalus, the last hope for the human race that is travelling in search of an inhabitable planet, together with another fifteen crew members. A problem will come up when one of the members of the crew is infected with the Mush, the parasite that can wipe out the human race. Throughout the game you will have to combine your efforts with other players in order to contain the parasite.

Mush resembles classic games in terms of graphics and playability.

Your character in Mush will be conditioned by the personality that you decide to take on, so your skills and relations will also be affected. Furthermore, the game's graphics with an isometric view and its retro aspect will remind you of past times in video gaming history. These elements, together with the game's touch of humor, will make saving the human race very entertaining.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to register as a user for free.
  • This is a demo version with certain limitations.
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