Nebo is an application that you can use to take hand-written notes that you can edit with total freedom and then integrate into your workflow through Word

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Nebo is an app to take notes on Microsoft Surface Pro and Book tablets with a stylus pen. It has been designed for Windows 10 and turns out to be one of the best applications offered for this operating system to take notes in a natural manner.

One of the best applications to write notes on Windows 10

Based on the MyScript Interactive Ink technology, it allows us to create and structure notes using titles, paragraphs, and lists but all in an organized manner as the app itself will take care of creating the formats where we'll later end up writing.

It's a very versatile program with which we can scribble, represent interactive diagrams, editable equations or take notes on images. Finally, all our notes and creations will be converted into digital documents that can be opened on any device with a web browser, with Microsoft Word or from an email client.

Full integration of your hand-written notes into your workflow.

Main features

This app to create notes comes along with the following functions and features:

  • Create, edit, and format your notes with your Surface pen: write, insert or delete contents and decorate and apply styles thanks to the interactive ink.
  • Create enriched contents with interactive diagrams, graphics, and other elements to make your text more comprehensible and which you can edit, delete or move to your own liking.
  • Make free-hand sketches and add notes to your images.
  • Export your creations to Microsoft Word or send them by email. Give them format from this program with headings, paragraphs, color lists, bold letters, italics...
  • Use an endless canvas and adapt the size of the note and the text to the new dimensions whenever you want.
  • Search for text amongst your hand-written notes.
  • Save and organize your notes by pages, pads, and folders.

This application proves how much touchscreen devices and apps to create notes and recognize hand-written text have evolved. Without a doubt, it's an application that will definitely impress you and that will improve your productivity if you know how to make the most of it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Although it works on desktop PCs, the best way to use it is with a Surface Pro or Surface Book tablet.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.
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