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With Telehack you can browse the Internet just how it was done back in the 80's. It's an educational tool that can be used like an interactive game

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The Internet arrived in the 80's... not to everyone, but at least it stopped being a military tool to become something more or less popular. And despite that happening only 30 odd years ago, in terms of hyperspace, it's as if we had lived several eras in the history of mankind. So, if yo want to know what the ancient Internet times were like, Telehack can give you the answer.

Internet from yesteryear

This is an emulator that represents the Internet from back then, with Telnet connections, newsgroups and others. Here we'll find from curiosities such as a Star Wars movie in ASCII or conversational adventure games, to real hacking tools from the good old days.

Really interesting, both for those people who used the Internet back then, and for those who now want to check out how it was.

It's a game that definitely pays a real tribute to the popular online culture, in order to keep it alive in our memory and show us how the Internet started before becoming a the mass phenomenon that it is nowadays.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You'll find help commands to move around Telehack here.
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