CUPS-PDF is a small application that will allow you to print files as PDF documents. Make sure than nobody can modify your documents with CUPS-PDF

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The creation of a PDF file can vary in difficulty depending on the application that is used to create it or to transform the document's format, but thanks to CUPS-PDF, and similar applications, this will no longer be the case.

Transform any document into PDF

Unlike many of the other applications available, that only allow to convert the file from their interface, CUPS-PDF provides the user with a simple way to easily access PDF files, because it creates a virtual printer that can be used by any application to print both images as well as written documents as a PDF file.

Thus, it will be possible to create PDF copies of any printable document that is stored on the computer, because by following a few simple steps it will be transformed without setting any problems for the user at all.

Download CUPS-PDF to be able to transform any file into PDF in a matter of seconds.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download is prepared for Debian and systems based on it like Ubuntu.
  • This program acts as a driver and as such doesn't have its own language, it uses the system's instead.

Volker C. Behr
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6 months ago
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