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There's a new way of enjoying the benefits of social networks without selling your personal data. It's called Ello and it's the social network without ads

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The advert-free social network on which you're not the product. That's how Ello introduces itself, emphasizing on the fact that your data aren't going to be tracked, saved or turned into marketable information.

Inspired on Twitter and Tumblr?

Equipped with a very simple design, Ello could be considered a cross-over between Twitter and Tumblr. Users can post their statuses and know how many visits each one of them has received, upload photos or publish GIF animations. Of course, they will also be informed about their friends and contacts' updates.

A social network that isn't interested in your personal details.

And up to here, everything sounds quite ordinary, what anyone could expect from a social network. The issue that distinguishes Ello from Facebook, Twitter and the rest is that it isn't interested in marketing with your data and for such purpose you aren't going to see a single advert.

How to be part of Ello?

To join Ello you have to receive an invitation, which in this case you'll obtain by inserting your email. It couldn't be any easier.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires that you provide an email to be able to receive the invitation to join.
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