Surely you spend more and more time watching the stories that other users post. This function has become a fundamental part of Instagram and enjoys increasing popularity. Also, developers have been adding features to help content creators get the most out of their creativity.

When viewing a story, you can answer it by recording a short video. In this article, we detail the whole process that, as you can see, is very simple. The first thing you must do is select a story from the home page of the official application.

Open an Instagram storyOpen an Instagram story

Once you are in viewing mode, you must tap on the camera icon. You will find it in the lower-left corner.

Record a video replying to a storyRecord a video replying to a story

Then, tap on the Circle button to start recording.

Record a reply to a storyRecord a reply to a story

As you can see, you have an endless number of options at your disposal. In fact, they are the same ones shown when creating a new story. This way, you can create animations, use filters, add text, or use advanced features such as Boomerang or Layouts. During the recording of your answer, the original story will be displayed at the top.

Original story pinned to our replyOriginal story pinned to our reply

Once you have finished, tap on the Send button.

Send the reply to the userSend the reply to the user

You must consider the following issue: the resulting content will not be posted on your profile. This means that the answer you record will not be public. Rather, when you tap on the send button, you are actually generating a direct message. Therefore, only the user to whom you respond will be able to watch the video you have recorded. Also, when that happens, Instagram will confirm it to you with a notification.