Stories are undeniably one of the strengths of Instagram. There is no doubt that every day, more users make use of them to upload content or to interact with their audience. It is likely that, after starting your journey within this social network, you are already following a large number of accounts. Because of this, the number of outstanding stories may be so great that you may not be able to view them all.

To solve this problem, Instagram lets you mute specific account stories to prioritize those you consider more important. The process is very simple, and throughout this guide, we explain with screenshots how you can do it.

First, go to the Instagram home page. This is where you can see the complete list of stories to be displayed.

Stories area on the main screenStories area on the main screen

Now, make a long tap on the story of the contact you want to silence.

Long press on a storyLong press on a story

On the pop-up menu, use the Mute option to continue.

Mute an Instagram contactMute an Instagram contact

Then, tap on Mute Story to silence all stories of that contact. Additionally, you can mute the rest of the post with the Mute Story and Posts option.

Mute stories of an Instagram contactMute stories of an Instagram contact

Once you have confirmed that you want to mute the stories of a user, it will appear in the last place and its profile image will have become semi-transparent.

Muted Instagram contactMuted Instagram contact

This does not mean that you can no longer view its stories or posts. It means that the user has been relegated to the bottom of the list of stories. This will help you not to miss the most important ones, giving priority to some contacts over others. By the way, you can mute as many contacts as you want without them knowing. Instagram does not notify anyone that they have been muted.