This may have happened to you more than once. You found an amazing photo or video on Instagram and you want to share it with your fans. One of the best ways to do this is through stories, an increasingly used resource within this social network. The official app for Android lets us send any image to our stories in a simple way. Do you want to know how? Let us reveal it to you in this article.

First, find the image or video you want to share and add to your story.

Video to shareVideo to share

Then, tap on the paper plane icon just below the image to start the process.

Send content to the storySend content to the story

Next, use the Add post to your story option. This will create a new story with the selected content embedded.

Add to my storyAdd to my story

Add the tags, text, or stickers that you think are appropriate. As you can see, when sharing a photo or video in a story, we have the same options. Now, tap on Send to to continue.

Send the storySend the story

Use the blue Share button next to the You Story statement. You have the possibility of sending the story to your best friends, with the Close friends option, or to specific accounts, using a direct message.

Choose a contact to send the story toChoose a contact to send the story to

To finish, tap on Done.

End the publication of the storyEnd the publication of the story

After taking these steps, your story will have been published. From that moment on, your user image will be bordered in an orange tone. This confirms that the process has been successfully completed.

Story publishedStory published

Remember that when sharing other users' content, they are automatically tagged. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve interactions with more popular accounts and improve our visibility. Also, we acknowledge the ownership of the image or video and disseminate other people's work.