Instagram has an instant messaging system that helps you contact other users. Here, you will find the different methods for replying to direct messages on this social network, read on.

How to reply to specific messages with a quote

The first way we propose to you to answer Instagram messages is through quotes. This way, your contact will know that you are replying to one of their messages in particular. Simply tap on the Messenger icon. It is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Open Messenger in InstagramOpen Messenger in Instagram

Then, tap on the conversation you wish to send your reply to.

Choose a conversationChoose a conversation

Long tap on the message you want to reply to. Choose an emoji or tap Reply to write a text message.

Press on a message to replyPress on a message to reply

As you can see in the following screenshot, the reply you send is nested inside the original message.

Aspect of a quoteAspect of a quote

This feature is only available if Instagram Direct has been integrated with Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, not all users have this feature enabled.

How to reply to messages from the notification

Another very simple way to reply to a message received on Instagram is through the notification itself. When you receive the notification that another person has written to you, open the notification curtain and tap Reply.

Reply buttonReply button

Type your answer and tap on the arrow icon that you will see inside the text field.

Reply from the Instagram notificationReply from the Instagram notification

By doing so, your reply will be sent immediately even if the application is not open.

How to reply to messages from an unknown account

If you have received a message from an unknown account, Instagram keeps it set aside until you authorize the reception. It is possible to consult the pending requests in the Request tab, within the messages section.

Chat requestsChat requests

Tap on the user name to display the message you have received.

Choose a requestChoose a request

If you wish to reply, tap Accept.

Allow to send and receive messagesAllow to send and receive messages

In case you do not want to contact the account that sent you the message, use the Delete or Block buttons.

How to reply to a message in the conversation

We end this article by telling you the easiest way to reply to messages on Instagram. We refer to the general responses within a chat. First, open the direct message area.

Access MessengerAccess Messenger

Tap on the avatar of the user you wish to reply to.

Select a conversationSelect a conversation

Type your message in the text field. You can also use other response methods such as voice notes or sending images.

Write a messageWrite a message

When you finish writing, use the send button so that your contact receives a reply immediately.