To log in to your Instagram profile, you need to create an account. To do this, you must tap on the Sing up button that you will see on the main screen of the application. Then, select one of the available options. It is possible to create an account with Facebook by selecting the Log in With Facebook button. You can also use your email address or your phone number, using the Sing Up with Email Address of Phone Number button.

Create an account with your emailCreate an account with your email

In the case of the second option, you must enter your data and tap Next.

Enter your emailEnter your email

At the end of the registration process, the application will automatically log in to your new account. But what if you already have an account and want to log in? If so, you must enter your email address and password.

Log into InstagramLog into Instagram

By tapping on Log In, you will be logged in with your account. Additionally, the Instagram app lets you log into multiple accounts simultaneously. This is a very practical function if you need to manage several profiles. In this case, all you have to do is tap and hold the avatar of your account.

Profile pictureProfile picture

Then, choose the Add account option.

Add a new accountAdd a new account

When you finish the process, you will have all your profiles in the same application. To switch between profiles, just press and hold the account icon on the right side of the navigation bar and select the account you want. Remember to check the account you are using before uploading a post.

Finally, if you want to log out of your account, go to the application settings and tap on Log out. This option is at the end of the list of settings.

Log out of InstagramLog out of Instagram

If you have more than one account in the application, repeat the process with each of them.