Over the years, Instagram has become more than just a photography social network. With the arrival of stories, business accounts, and advertising, it has gradually changed, becoming a great showcase for products and brands. Additionally, the developers of the application have also added valuable social features, such as the instant messaging system. And it is with this characteristic that the acronym DM is related.

DM refers to direct messages between different users. This acronym comes from Direct Messages. Thus, when a user requests to be contacted by DM, it is actually asking us to send a direct and private message. Generally, these types of messages can be sent to all users, no matter how popular they are. However, for privacy reasons, some users have disabled this option.

To access direct messages, simply tap on the paper plane icon in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

Open Instagram chatsOpen Instagram chats

Next, you will see all those accounts you have exchanged messages with. To send a message to another person, you can use the text box to search.

List of accounts that we’ve spoken toList of accounts that we’ve spoken to

Although the interface is simple, direct messages from Instagram, or DM, let you send all kinds of content. For example, you can send text, voice notes, stickers, stories, and even images. You can do it all from the bottom options bar and without leaving Instagram.

Options to send content by DMOptions to send content by DM

This functionality is perfect for talking privately to other users. They have also become an excellent customer service platform for companies that have a profile on this popular social network