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Spend your free time with the puzzles proposed by Blyss, a game for iPhone and iPad with endless levels that are generated randomly to make you sweat

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Blyss is a game based on what seem to be domino tiles split in half and on finding how to solve tiny puzzles or brainteasers, depending on how those tiles are placed, making them disappear whether by tapping them with your finger or dragging them across the row, working out whether to solve them from one side or the other, depending on the colored dots they contain. All the latter, dressed with background music that will make you fill as if you were in an elevator...

An experience within a procedural atmosphere with puzzles, built to offer your powerful mind a real challenge.

Like in all games of this style, the difficulty will increase as you advance if you're capable of doing so and reaching certain levels... In any case, if you never get tired, this game is for you because it's endless. Yes, there's no need to read it again, the puzzles are generated as you advance so they can reach infinity and beyond... Furthermore, the developer guarantees that there are not two identical puzzles.

3 game modes

Initially, you'll only have access to a single game mode, that endless one we were just talking about. But don't despair, if you manage to solve the first 200 puzzles, you'll have access to a second game mode, Time Attack.

The puzzles are progressive, non-repetitive, and great fun, always with background music.

To be able to access the third game mode, Playground, you only need to solve another 50 puzzles, in other words, you'll need to solve a total of 250 to access this last mode. And to keep the user hooked onto his screen without getting bored, there are also a series of achievements and challenges to be completed that you can also share with your contacts on Facebook, as well as including a leaderboard in the Game Center.

Tips and advice

The game is configurable, allowing you to access the different options and being able to disable the background music, the sound effects, the notifications or the automatic screen switching off. We can also change the theme and colorfulness of the app, being able to get rid of that fuchsia tone that hurts our eyes, taking into account that it's a puzzle game in which you can't take your eyes off of the screen.

Conclusion? Well, it's yet another one of those hundreds of puzzle games that after a while you end up uninstalling or storing the last folder of your iPhone where you put all the other annoying icons. Deleting it? No, because it costs money.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 6.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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