Surely it has happened to you: you write a sentence that includes a somewhat strange word and before sending, WhatsApp replaces it with another that has nothing to do with what you really want to send. The autocorrect feature can be tricky when you share messages via WhatsApp. If you want to avoid this problem, you can deactivate it. How?

It is necessary to clarify that WhatsApp does not include an automated spelling correction system. This is a function that allows the system to delegate tasks to the keyboard application. Therefore, you must go to the Android settings to disable this feature. Open the preferences application and tap on System.

Open the system settings on AndroidOpen the system settings on Android

Enter the section where the options for languages and text input are located.

Access the language preferencesAccess the language preferences

Now, tap on Virtual keyboard to access the Android virtual keyboard options.

Virtual keyboard optionsVirtual keyboard options

On the next screen, tap on the name of the keyboard that you use by default on your cellphone. Generally, the one installed is Gboard or the Android AOSP keyboard. No matter which keyboard application you have installed, the steps to follow are very similar.

Open the options of your current keyboardOpen the options of your current keyboard

Open the section that includes the preferences related to text revision.

Spell check optionsSpell check options

Finally, deactivate the autocorrect.

Disable the auto spell checkDisable the auto spell check

Go back to WhatsApp to verify that the automatic correction has stopped. Note that this is an option that is enabled and disabled in a generalized way in the system. Therefore, from this point on, the autocorrect will have stopped working in all services on your device where text input is required. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn this feature off for specific applications only.