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Centralize your social networking activity with Engagio. Stay up to date with all the contents generated without missing a single detail thanks to Engagio

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Keeping on top of everything that's happening on the online social services that you use such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube, can be quite an ordeal. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming, and having to cope with a different interface every time and all the elements linked to them can be distracting and confusing. Engagio is conceived in an effort to make this whole task easier.

Increased productivity without missing a thing

With Engagio all we have to do is register as a user and associate our profile to our social media accounts, so that it can collect data from these in an environment similar to the inbox of an email service. Not only can we read information from Engagio, but also comment, improving our productivity with more speed and less distractions.


  • All news from your social networking profiles.
  • Follow application users.
  • Search discussion topics that interest you.
  • Create email alerts in case a topic of your interest in mentioned on the network.
  • Classification with the most followed and commented discussions.
  • Access fourteen different social services such as Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube.
  • Possibility to install an extension for Gmail in Google Chrome.
  • See your Engagio activity statistics.

Keep discussions about what interests you

One of the main attractions of Engagio is the possibility to adhere to any discussion taking place on the net without missing any of the details related to it. By following a particular topic you can receive all updates in your user profile and participate.

Sign up to Engagio and follow all the conversations and comments on social networks without distractions.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To make use of the application a free registration is required.

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