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Try WhatsApp Web Client for free and communicate via WhatsApp from your PC. With this web client for WhatsApp send free messages to all your contacts

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If you're looking for a web client to be able to use WhatsApp from your PC, you have found it: WhatsApp Web Client. With this online tool you will be able to send messages and communicate with your WhatsApp contacts from your PC.

How does WhatsApp Web Client work?

There is a lot of news articles pointing out the insecurity of the protocols used by WhatsApp. Despite the latter, it is one of the favorite applications for the majority of users. This web application makes the most of the weakness of WhatsApp to offer any user the possibility to use WhatsApp from their PC.

Log on from your browser of your PC inputting: telephone number, user name and MAC address (for iPhone) or IMEI (if you are an Android) user.

Use WhatApp from your PC.


Before using WhatsApp Web Client from your PC it's convenient to make sure that you have shut the WhatsApp application on your mobile, because it can't be used from two locations at the same time. What's more, take into account that you won't receive the sent and received messages on your mobile while using the PC.

If you're addicted to the messaging client which has revolutionized the way people communicate with their mobile, try WhatsApp Web Client from your PC's browser.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It's necessary to have a WhatsApp account on the telephone number used to login.
WhatsApp Web Client
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