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Chat with your friends and share images and videos on WhatsApp straight from your web browser without picking up your phone thanks to WhatsApp Web

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There's no doubt about it. Over the last few years, WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messaging and chat application in the world, present on almost any smartphone on Earth. There have been many different alternatives that have tried to overthrow its hegemony but without any success at all. And it became so popular that its purchase on behalf of Facebook was one of the most commented technological news of the last years.

But instead of becoming complacent, the people behind WhatsApp Messenger have worked hard to gradually incorporate all the improvements and updates demanded by its users. That simple interface from which we could simply send and receive individual or group messages has evolved to now offer us the possibility to share images, videos, documents, locations, search within conversations, chat safely and privately thanks to end-to-end encryption, make voice calls, establish video conferences...

WhatsApp Messenger straight in your web browser

And one of the most demanded features by the users of this platform was the incorporation of a web version that since 2015 allows us to access the messaging application straight from our browser, whether Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, provided that our phone is one and connected to the Internet.

Use WhatsApp on PC, macOS or iPad.

Thus, it helped to solve one of the most common doubts amongst users back then. How to use WhatsApp Messanger on a PC? The solution to which could also be extended to using the service on a tablet or an iPad without having to resort to complicated settings.

How to use, configure and synchronize WhatsApp Web on our PC?

Using WhatsApp Web is very simple provided that we fulfill the minimum requirements: having WhatsApp installed on our phone and an Internet connection for both that mobile device and the computer on which we'll access the web version. From there on, we'll only have to scan the QR code that appears on the screen once we access the official URL to sync both gadgets.

As simple as scanning a QR code with your smartphone's camera.

Once synchronized, using the online desktop version is identical to how you usually use the mobile version. We'll be able to access the same functions and features as on our phone, although we have to bear in mind that to be able to send voice notes and attach images directly from the camera, we'll have to install and enable a webcam and a microphone.

We also have to take into account that everything goes through our phone, even if we're seeing it on an interface adapted to our browser. Therefore, if we run out of battery or we don't have a data plan on our phone, the web version won't work: it doesn't work without a phone. In fact, many users wonder where the pictures sent by WhatsApp Web are stored, without realizing that they end up in the gallery of our phone just like the rest of WhatsApp images, unless we decide to specifically download a local copy to our PC.

And no, you can't download WhatsApp Web. As you've gathered from its name and as we said before, it works online without downloads or installs. However, you can download WhatsApp Messenger Desktop, the official client for Windows and Mac available on the official page.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires having the mobile application installed on your phone.
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