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Woowos Messenger is a messaging app with the option to delete sent messages. With Woowos Messenger you can send encrypted and self-destructible messages

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When using an instant messaging app it isn't unusual to mistake the addressee of a message. This wouldn't be a problem if the content is insignificant, but if not, you could cause a perfect storm in your life. This kind of situation or those resulting from actions caused by anger or one-too-many beers can now be fixed thanks to Woowos Messenger.

The messaging application with which you can avoid problems

Woowos Messenger gathers the functions that we've always longed for on WhatsApp and LINE: to have absolute control over the information we send. Thus, we can avoid problems if we send inappropriate messages to the wrong person, being able to delete them to make sure they're never read. Woowos Messenger also includes four emoticons called Woowies that inform about the status of your message:

  • Postman: your message has arrived at its destination.
  • Thief: your message has been deleted and hasn't been read by the user.
  • Prisoner: your message has been deleted, but it has already been read by the user.
  • Spy: you have sent an encrypted message, and the latter has been read thanks to the code you agreed with the recipient.

Woowos does what WhatsApp can't: delete sent messages.

Maximum privacy in your communications

As well as deleting sent messages, Woowos Messenger includes other functions that make it one of the instant messaging applications with the greatest capacity to preserve the user's intimacy. Without going into further detail, it's possible to encrypt messages between users by means of codes agreed between them or to send self-destructible messages.


  • Control over the messages sent.
  • Messages encrypted by means of codes.
  • Send self-destructible messages.
  • Emoticons that provide information about the status of your messages.
  • Images subject to the same deletion conditions as the text messages.
  • Push notifications to receive messages with your screen off or disabled synchronization.

With Woowos Messenger you'll be totally in control of your communications.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.2.
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