System Improvements for Linux

Download software to apply different improvements to your operating system and make the most of the different functions tools offered by Linux

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.7 English

Ubuntu Tweak 0.8.7

An easy way to optimize Ubuntu

Download Ubuntu Tweak
Launchy 2.5 English

Launchy 2.5

Practical free application launcher

Download Launchy
Avant Window Navigator 0.4.0 English

Avant Window Navigator 0.4.0

Place a Mac dock in your favorite Linux distro

Download Avant Window Navigator
Gnome Do English

Gnome Do

The application launcher that your copy of Linux requires

Download Gnome Do
ComFusion 4.1 English

ComFusion 4.1

The simplicity of Ubuntu and the elegance of 3D Compiz Fusion

Download ComFusion
Window Applets 0.3 English

Window Applets 0.3

View your programs in full screen

Download Window Applets
Synapse English


Launch any application stored on your computer

Download Synapse
DockBarX 0.90.3 English

DockBarX 0.90.3

The ideal dock for your distribution

Download DockBarX
Docky 2.1.4 English

Docky 2.1.4

Shortcut bar for your desktop

Download Docky
Fluxbox 1.3.5 English

Fluxbox 1.3.5

Easily manage your Linux graphic interface

Download Fluxbox
Uextras 0.3.3 English

Uextras 0.3.3

The simplest way to use and configure Ubuntu

Download Uextras
Ailurus 12.08 English

Ailurus 12.08

Linux at any user's reach

Download Ailurus
Gnome Pie 0.5.2 English

Gnome Pie 0.5.2

Different way to launch applications

Download Gnome Pie
Fedora Core Linux Utilities 2.4 English

Fedora Core Linux Utilities 2.4

Improve the performance and possibilities of Fedora

Download Fedora Core Linux Utilities