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Mologogo is capable of tracking your location and showing it to people authorized to see it by means of an online login through a free web application

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Mobile GPS location services can be very useful for different purposes that range from locating a lost or stolen smartphone to getting to know the whereabouts of a relative or mate. One of these many services is Mologogo that allows us to check the location of any smartphone from its web.

How does this tool to track devices work?

This service works by download the APK to an Android smartphone that has enabled GPS location. That's when you can log into the web with your user credentials and check on a map the real-time location of the device. That means you can locate both people (children, old-age, friends, relatives, etc.), and devices that you may have lost or had stolen.

As it works on through a browser, this version can be used on both PC and Mac, as well as tablets and phones. And it's free of charge!

What can I use this GPS locator for?

A few lines above we mentioned a few possibilities for this tool, but the developers of the webapp offer us other alternative uses for this phone tracker:

  • Share the location of a home delivery service.
  • Check where you are and the history of places you've been.
  • Check where your friends are and let them see your location.
  • Track your employees and their business cars.
  • Share your location of websites, blogs or social networks.

A very efficient tool if you want to always know the location of the people you care about.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You need to register as a user to use the application.
  • This is trial version that can be accessed freely for 30 days.

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