Applications for Wearables on Android

Control different devices synchronized with your Android smartphone or tablet such as smartwatches, glasses or smartbands with these apps for wearables

Gear Fit Manager for All 3.0.0 English

Enjoy Samsung Gear on your phone

Garmin Connect 4.12.3 English

Connect your Garmin wearable to your phone

Android Wear English
Android Wear

Connect Android wearables with your smartphone

Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) English

Control your wearable devices

YouTube VR 1.18.49 English
YouTube VR 1.18.49

Enjoy YouTube wearing a Daydream View VR headset

Mi Band Tools 3.8.5 English

The tools you need for your Mi Band

Mi Fit 4.0.3 English
Mi Fit 4.0.3

Control all Xiaomi's Mi Band functions from your smartphone

Pebble 4.4.1-1404-01 English
Pebble 4.4.1-1404-01

Connect your Android smartphone to your smartwatch

Fitbit 2.95 English
Fitbit 2.95

The app to shape up with your sports wearables

Fulldive VR 4.9.7c English
Fulldive VR 4.9.7c

Navigation platform for virtual reality environments

Polar Flow 4.1.5 English
Polar Flow 4.1.5

Fitness app perfect for lazy people

WatchMaker 5.4.4 English
WatchMaker 5.4.4

Design faces for your smartwatch

Huawei Wear English
Huawei Wear

Synchronize your smartphone with Huawei wearables

Huawei Health English
Huawei Health

The physical tracking app brought to you by Huawei

Google VR Services 1.20.235017259 English
Google VR Services 1.20.235017259

The companion app for Daydream headsets

Cardboard 1.9 English

Bring virtual reality to your smartphone

SmartEyeglass 1.3.17052901 English
SmartEyeglass 1.3.17052901

The official Sony app for their smart glasses

Lifelog 4.0.A.0.16 English
Lifelog 4.0.A.0.16

Register your life on your smartphone

MyGlass 3.5.8 English
MyGlass 3.5.8

App to configure and manage your Google Glass