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LongURL allows you to know if shortened links hide any sort of danger behind them. LongURL offers you enough information without needing to open them

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Mainly due to Twitter, where we have to make the most of the very few characters of each tweet, services that shorten URLs are becoming the rage. They allow us to reduce web addresses as much as possible, so that we have enough space to accompany them with text in natural language. The problem is that these shortened links may hide phishing, viruses and other kinds of malware. LongURL is an online tool to avoid these dangers.

Don't run risks with shortened links

You can use LongURL if you suspect that any of the short links you've been sent may contain some sort of malware. To use this tool, you only need to paste the link in LongURL's box and click on Expand. You'll then be provided with information about the name of the hidden page, its real address and even the description contained in its metadata, as well as its character encryption.

LongURL is compatible with more than three hundred link shortening services.

LongURL supports shortened links generated by a large amount of services, such as tinyurl.com, ow.ly or ping.fm. All in all, almost three hundred and fifty, therefore, you can be almost completely sure of being able to expand any link that you get hold of.

Avoid dangers with a safer browsing experience thanks to LongURL.

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