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Once you download WhiteTube free you will be able to change the mouse cursor in Ubuntu. Modernize the cursor with this version in two colors for Ubuntu

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Customize the mouse cursor of the Ubuntu operating system thanks to WhiteTube. This small tool will allow you to subtitute the traditional aspect of the operating system's round with a more modern and appealing version in what regards to its aesthetic point of view.

Among the many adjustment which it is possible to complete in Ubuntu to customize its appearance, the mouse cursor is one of the most eviddent elements. When you install WhiteTube you will substitute the simple Ubuntu mouse cursor with another which is more stylized.


  • Modernize the cursor of the Ubuntu operating system.
  • Includes two different cursors, one if red while the other is blue: WhiteTubeBLUE and WhiteTubeRED.

Do you want to customize Ubuntu and give it an original aspect? Download WhiteTube and the mouse will look a lot better than before. Change the traditional mouse cursor for any of these two color versions.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a a RAR compatible compressor.
  • It is necessary to have Ubuntu installed to install new cursors.
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