Make Them Fall


Download Make Them Fall and control several guys at the same time avoiding obstacles when jumping. Make Them Fall will hook you from the very first moment

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If you were looking for a game of skill that demands you more than others, you've just found it. It's called Make Them Fall and you're going to need a six-fingered hand to play.

A real challenge of skill

In this game you'll have to try to make sure the men hanging from the walls avoid the obstacles when jumping. The difficulty lies in the fact that you're going to have to handle several of them at once... up to six at the same time. Therefore, you might need some extra help from a friend.

Child's play if you got polydactyly.

Some tips to play Make Them Fall

  • Focus on the screen on the right.
  • Start off at the easy level and increase it gradually.
  • Play with one or more friends.
  • Play on a large-screen device.
  • Try to only play with three fingers.

This game is a real challenge of skill that, even if you find it hard to start off with, you're going to love it. So don't hesitate to download Make Them Fall.

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