BananaBread Online

BananaBread is an FPS game which is launched directly from your browser using JavaScript and WebGL. BananaBread is a technical demo developed by Mozilla

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Do you like shooters in first person full of risks and non-stop action? Mozilla now offers you BananaBread, a game belonging to thise genre with a peculiarity: it runs directly from the browser.

See how a web browser can run large 3D games.

To prove the advances of WebGL in Firefox 15 Mozilla has decided to transfer the graphic engine of 'Cube 2: Sauerbaten' (originally written in C++ and OpenGL) to the web by means of 'Emscripten'. The result is an FPS which uses JavaScript and WebGL and that runs from your browser without any further requirements.


  • FPS game which is launched directly from the browser without any need for additional plugins.
  • Compatible with Firefox 15, Google Chrome and browser with WebGL support in general.
  • Technical demo formed by 5 different levels.
  • Open sources which you will be able to check to create your own projects.

If you are one of those users which is esceptical that never believed they would be able to see this kind of game running using JavaScript and WebGL from a web browser here is the game which will prove you wrong: enter BananaBread and view what modern browsers are capable of.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox 15 or above or any web browser with support for WebGL.
Mozilla Foundation
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