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Flappy48 is the combination of Flappy Bird and 2048 in a single game. Forget about your duties and social life, try to get as far as you can in Flappy48

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When you finally thought you were going to become a person once again, after detoxing from Flappy Bird, along came 2048, so you evolved from trying to make the bird in question advance without crashing into the walls, to adding powers of 2 of the same value to reach the coveted amount. And now that you thought that you had already overcome this number fever, the next big thing has arrived: Flappy48.

A fiendish creation

Because only the Lord of Darkness could have decided to combine two of the most absurdly addictive games at present, in an attempt to torpedo your productivity. As you can imagine, and if not we're here to tell you, in Flappy48 you have to make the number blocks (and the first one is number 2), fly without crashing into the walls at the same time that you try to double their value until you reach the long-awaited amount of 2048.

Flappy48 is only suitable for those people that have absolutely nothing to do at all.

Yes, it's hard, but time will do it

Obviously, Flappy48 isn't an easy game because it combines the hardest elements of both games. In other words, the difficulty of Flappy Bird to fly through the right place, and the troubles of 2048 to reach that amount. How far you go will depend on your skill, and especially your free time.

Set your duties aside and get away from the real world once and for all.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires the installation of Unity Web Player on your browser.
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