marave Linux

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marave is a text editor that allows to avoid distractions while you write. Enjoy a clear interface with marave and enjoy writing without being bothered

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Many writer need maximum concentration when it comes to writing, and in many occasions the common text editors manage the exact opposite purpose due to the many options they have available. marave is a text editor that has been developed to avoid distracting the user while he is writing, thus it only shows a very clear and simple interface in which to write any text.

  The program offers the possibility to choose between different background wallpapers or to change the color. What's more it offers other options that allow the software to be customized, like activating or deactivating soothing music, spellchecking, syntax highlighting or feedback from the keyboard. marave, that means “nothing” or “doesn't matter” in Guarani is an extremely simple and effective tool for those people that are looking to maintain the maximum concentration when writing.

  Make the most of this open source product and you will be able to avoid distractions while you write, focusing all your attention on what is really important, the text. You can download marave free of charge and start writing texts without any kind of distraction, maintaining your workspace clean and ordered.
Roberto Alsina
Over a year ago
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